За нас

За изкуството! На сцената! До талантите! – Това е нашият девиз!
For art! On stage! Near talents! – That’s our motto!
За звездите в сълзите! * About the stars in the tears!


Това е доброволна организация с общественополезна дейност от представители на нацията за разпространение и взаимовръзка сред населението на всички направления в спорта, изкуствата, науката, културата, религията и социалната практика.

Организацията извършва общественополезна дейност в следните области:

–          Развитие и утвърждаване на спортните танцови дисциплини, културните и духовни ценности у детската личност, гражданското общество, образованието.

–          Социална интеграция без оглед на възраст, категория, етнос, религия.
–          Защита на човешките права.

–          Опазване на околната среда.


  • Организиране и провеждане на фестивали, турнири, шампионати и конкурси на национално и международно ниво в сферата на изкуството и спорта.
  • Организиране и провеждане на образователни и квалификационни форми на обучение, специализация, квалификация и преквалификация на населението.
  • Езикова, икономическа, трудово – правна, здравна, екологична, духовна, гражданска и обща подготовка на населението от всички възрасти, социални и религиозни групи.
  • Осъществяване на PR, рекламна, проучвателна, разработваща, експертна, консултантска и други дейности.
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    Some people are really negative about goal setting. There may be different reasons for this, but cheap jerseys some might be because cheap fake ray bans they’ve had goals cheap replica oakleys forced upon them and haven’t really bought into them, or they’ve Cheap Michael kors Store set goals cheap michael kors failed but to achieve them or they have the belief that goal setting constrains rather than helps people. I believe in cheap michael kors goal setting, but believe people have to own them and want to achieve them for them to work, There have been no greater indications this summer fake ray bans of what the replica oakleys positive effects of goal setting can do than the London Paralympics 2012.

    None of the 4000 athletes who have taken part would have even been included in their teams if they had not set themselves and reached a whole series of goals to get the opportunity to compete on the international stage. Here are lessons that can be learnt from the Paralympians.

    Anyone who has overcome a disability has at some point in their life will have had someone else telling them what they will or won’t be able to do. The great thing fake oakleys about setting your own goals in any context that it’s cheap replica oakleys you who gets to make your own choices and decide what you want to aim for.

    2. Decide on the size of the steps

    During the opening ceremony Sir Stephen Hawking the world renowned theoretical physicist spoke of how important it was to recognise that we are all individuals. He of course is absolutely right and if you use goal setting effectively then the size of the goals cheap fake ray bans you choose and the pace at which you fake ray bans make progress towards them is up to you.

    Setting goals and taking actions to reach those goals, allows you to define who you want to be, not cheap replica oakleys what someone else wants. Too often people find themselves given labels which are unfair and inappropriate cheap replica oakleys and ones they don’t want. The Paralympians have shown any doubters that it’s not their disability that defines them, but their ambition and enthusiasm and their will to win which is every bit as powerful as their able bodied athletes who competed cheap fake ray fake oakleys outlet bans in the London 2012 cheap fake oakleys Olympic games. Whatever your circumstances, it’s up to you to define who you cheap fake ray bans are and goal setting and achievement can help with this.

    4. Goal setting shouldn’t constrain you

    Quite of the few Paralympians have competed in more than one sport. There are different reasons for this. Some have found that the classification of their disability has changed and has made them no longer eligible for a sport, or their condition has deteriorated leading them to change sport or fake oakleys outlet they have discovered that they have the talent for multiple disciplines. Time and time again they have showed that goal setting shouldn’t ever constrain you. You may set certain goals but when circumstances change so do your goals. Always adopt a flexible approach to your goal setting.

    5 Effective goal setting leads to success

    If you set goals effectively they will help you stretch yourself and achieve far greater things that you ever thought possible. The Paralympians, along with the goals they set themselves in the run up to the games, have all adopted a ‘can do’ approach to their success. Many of them have achieved what was originally seen as impossible by sheer grit, determination, perseverance and a great deal of hard work. This attitude is something that should be copied by anyone whatever their context

    So if you’re sceptical about goal setting why not give it another go. Copy the example of the Paralympians in setting goals, refusing to be defined by others and adopting a can do attitude to ensure that things that perhaps seemed impossible becomes possible.

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