Summer Dance Camp-Academia 2014

Summer Dance Camp 2014 Academy for anyone interested in cooperation with the National team BFSDD and guests from Italy, Mexico, Romania, Macedonia, Russia, Serbia: from 17-30.08 of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in Kiten!

Participation fee: 10 euro per day for all classes for those who are staying at a hotel Light. For the rest- 20 euros per day.

Price for full board “Light” : 28 euro. Attendance – 30 euro per day full board.


– Paolo Londi – Italy- DANCE THEATRE

– Maksym Antonichev, Elena Nobeleva – BALLET, PLASTIC

– Evgenia Veda – Russia – JAZZ, MODERN, JOGA

– Tsvetanka Gerginova – Bulgaria – BALLET AND BUNSTER (Modern)

– Zoritsa Radlovska – Bulgaria – ACRO DANCE

– Yanitsa Shopova – Bulgaria – DANCE LABORATORY

– Zachary Nankov – Bulgaria – STREET DANCE

– Stefan Nikolov – Bulgaria – FLAMENCO

– Kremena Shopova – „SORRY, LIFE!“

– Acrobat trainer – Georgi Sotirov, Petar Petrov – TEAM ACRO

INTENSIVE CHARACTER by age group and by level:

  1. Until 12 Years
  2. Bigger than 12 Years
  4. LEVEL MEDIA/ level will be determinate by the speakers at the initial CASTING 1 day, 17.08 at 17:00 pm beginning of 1st CLASS – 17.08, 19:00


  1. PRODUCTION of different classes on an open stage

To apply here :

Please specify names and age of participants in the application!

Information is incomplete – expect more!

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