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Phishing is one of the hacker preferred tools, since the trick is directed towards humans, not computers. To check if a link is going to a phishing site, hover your cursor over the link louboutin replica to see its actual destination. Keep in mind that hackers can still make a link look like a legitimate replica cheap Michael Kors destination, so watch our for misspellings and bad grammar. Oversharing. Malicious links are like pollen get transported all over the place by the winds of social media. Not only can a malicious link be shared without the sharer knowing it a bad seed, but hackers themselves have a blast spreading their nasty goods one way of doing this is to pose as someone else. Be leery of social media posts from your that don seem like things they would normally post about. It could be a hacker who is using your friend profile to spread malware. Really think it like your prude sister in law to send you a link to the latest gossip on a sex scandal? Don friend people online that you Replica Christian Louboutin Shoes don know in real life. Hackers often create fake profiles to
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