come in by the hundreds of thousands. Clearly, consumers and particularly parents are concerned and increasingly frustrated.“ But content providers and most of the cable industry say that offering programming piecemeal will result in even higher prices and less choice for consumers. They argue that such Michael Kors outlet a pricing structure would infuse enormous technical, marketing and transaction costs into the business. They claim that an a la carte model would chi hair straighteners require consumers to lease a separate set top box for each TV. They also claim that an a la carte pricing model would increase overall subscription rates and reduce diversity of programming, because many of the niche or special interest channels today are bundled with more popular channels. If these less popular channels are sold independently, they will become too expensive to offer. And if these channels go away, advertisers have fewer places to show their commercials. The losses in advertising would have to be offset replica christian louboutin by consumers paying more for their favorite
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