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the longest known retention period of any animal species, and is all the more impressive due to the 25 year lifespan of the sea lion. We’ll see how well you cheap michael kors remember the things you learned at 30 when you turn 70."It was something about alcohol and brain cells. Probably not important." Scientists believe that this memory serves to help sea lions identify prey that they may only encounter once every few years. Or to help the sea lion exact horrible revenge on its slave masters many years after the fact. 4. An Elephant Keeps Track of Dozens of Other Elephants at OnceHere’s a question for all you parents, babysitters and camp counselors: How many infants can you Christian Louboutin Replica keep cheap Michael kors handbags track of at any one time? Anyone who has spent time dealing with children knows that if you stop watching for 10 seconds, they’ll be running around in traffic, Michael kors handbags making friends with savage animals and lining up to take candy from strangers. If you’re a human being, the answer is probably around three or four. If you’re an elephant, it’s more in
less than 3,000 lives. Well. that’s still pretty bad, right? After all, that’s like a flu caused 9/11. Then again, the ordinary flu, that gives Christian Louboutin Online Store us the sniffles every year? That one kills several hundred thousand people around the world. The reason for the early panic is that they believed this virus was a descendant of the 1918 Spanish Flu that wiped vibram five fingers sale shoes out Michael Kors outlet a jaw dropping 50 million people. And while it was obviously not as deadly, the fear was that it would eventually mutate Christian Louboutin Store into something like its apocalyptic ancestor. Swine Flu mascot briefly considered by the CDC. It hasn’t lived up to it. Even the World Health Organization is describing this as a "moderate" outbreak. Their advice? cheap michael kors store Same as with the regular flu. Babies and old people should get vaccinated. The rest of your should wash your hands and stay away from sick people. The World Health Organization would also like to remind red bottom boots everyone that it’s safe to go back to eating your pork rinds, as there is no proof that pork causes Swine Flu and you cannot
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