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The Baltimore Ravens are a professional football team from Baltimore, Maryland. The Elite Red Brandon Saad Jersey team plays in the National Football League in the North Division of the American Football Conference. The Baltimore Ravens have not been around for an extremely long time, but in the time that they have been in the league they have had a fair amount Elite Joakim Nordstrom Jersey of success. The history of the Ravens began actually with the falling out of the Cleveland Browns. The Browns were struggling, yet they did not wish to relocate. Rather than relocating the Browns the NFL decided to start a new franchise and suspend play for the Browns Elite White Corey Crawford Jersey for a short time. The new franchise ended up being based out of Baltimore and would be known as the Baltimore Ravens. The start of the Ravens was an interesting one, as they were different from any other expansion team. Despite the fact that they Authenitc Black Brandon Saad Jersey were considered an entirely new team, they kept all of the contracts that were owned by the Browns. This included players and staff members. The Ravens

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